AD Snykovet´s Vida

Lykke & Vida at Troms Quest 2019. Foto: Tuss Bennegård-Rojas

Name: Snykovet´s Vida. Name of Spanish origin, means "life". Also short form of Davida (Hebrew) "beloved".
Registration number: NO54897/11
Born: November 3rd 2011
Breeder: Monica A Sundset
Owner: Monica A Sundset

Sire: Birk av Brattalid NO33885/11
Dame: Tessa av Kitwanga 05164/07
Build: Well angulated, beautiful female
Colours: Grey / White, Brown Eyes
Size: 21 kg / 55 cm
Heat: Nov 2017, Feb 2018, Sept 28 2018
Gait: Smooth
Temperament: Calm, soft, loving, pleasant, eager to please
In harness: Extremely focused and hard-working, never any nonsense or noise
Other: Eats and drinks well, beautiful coating / fur, good paws

Nordic Dog Show in Harstad Oct 6 2018 - Judge Jadrank Mijatovic (Kroatsia): Exc CQ 2.BTK R.CERT R.NORDIC CERT

Work tests: 
HD: Free (A) January 11th 2012
AD: Free (A) January 11th 2012
Eye exam: 
March 25 2014: Vida had her first regular eye exam (ECVO) with clear results.
June 5 2015: Gonioscopy and regular eye exam - all clear.
April 19 2018: Third eye examination including gonioscopy - L. Pectinatum abnFibrae Lateaand Laminae with flowholes ca 70% on the right eye and 50% on the left eye. These changes does not affect Vida's vision, and after consulting our eye expert / veterinarian the conclusion is that Vida can be used in breeding as long as the male has perfect results on his gonioscopy.

Sept 2017: Neoplasia (lump of fat) surgically removed from the abdomen.

One litter of pups (2 males, 2 females) born November 2013 (Snykovet´s Vida x Ulveheia's Nasse from Kennel Ulveblikk in Trondheim):
All offsprings are good working dogs tested in races. Snykovet's Bella has completed FL-500 with Jonny Mikalsen.

Photos of the pups her.

Snykovet´s Vida from my first litter of pups almost 7 years ago - my best lead dog and my star. Photo taken Jan 2018 by Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

Vida April 2017 © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

AD Snykovet´s Vida på sledetur mars 2017. Foto: Monica A Sundset.

AD Snykovet´s Vida - after a lovely work out in a team of 12 siberians at Ringvassøya autumn 2014. Photo: Monica A Sundset. More photos of Vida can be found on facebook.

AD Snykovet´s Vida at the Dog Show in Tromsø September 2014. Photo by Elin Olsson.

Vida´s Pedigree