Shasa (2005-2013)

Shasa and Noor in lead April 2013. Shasa came to us from Kennel Ulveblikk March 2013. She was a playfull, energetic and happy dog that sadly died much to early.

Name: Shasa
Reg. number: 18820/05
Breeder: Øystein Kristiansen and Hanne Sund (Kennel Ulveheia)
Born: 19.06.2005

Body mass: 21 kg
Size: 55 cm
Colours: Grey / white
Eyes: Brown

In harness: Fast and eager to pull. Lead dog. Easy going. No injuries. Competed all races started.

Races: She completed Gausdal Maraton three times (2010-2012), Amundsen Race (2010), Femundløpet 4 times (F400 in 2010, and F600 in 2011, 2012, 2013, all times in lead) and Finnmarksløpet twice (FL500 and FL1000, both times in lead) with Marius Moholdt & Renathe Moholdt / Kennel Ulveblikk.

Offsprings: Shasa had two litters of pups Eagle Eye av Ulveblikk 03.07.10 (three male pups with Vargteam´s Ask 2) and Hawk Eye av Ulveblikk 12.07.12 (six females and two males with Nasse). She is the mother of our Smilla