Snykovet´s Jon Snow

Gabi has taken this beautiful photo of Snykovet's Jon Snow at the top of Lille Blåmann.

Name: Snykovet´s Jon Snow
Registration number: NO33225/14
Born: February 20th 2014

Owner: Gabi Wagner, Balsnes
Breeder: Snykovet Siberian Husky Kennel / Monica A Sundset
After: Birk av Brattalid and Berta Blåkrøll Lærke
Build: Beautifully buildt
Colours: Black / white, brown eyes
Size26 kg / 58 cm
Gait: Smooth, strong, hardworking
Temperament: Soft, loving, calm and robust

Dog shows

Jon Snow will be racing at Herringen Trail with Chena February this year.

Jon Snow got a blue ribbon / very good and nice feedback from judge Carsten Birk (Denmark) at the Int Dog Show in Tromsø June 2016. Photo: Gabi Wagner.

Snykovet's Jon Snow in the sun Feb 2016 - photo by Gabi. Looking good! He takes after his mom Lærke - although you can see some of his father Birk av Brattalid in him as well. Gabi says that it´s quite impressive how much his hindlegs and chest have gained since last year - he has developed a very powerful trot over longer distances now - just his gallopping is still very puppy-lumpy-humpedypumpedy. He prefers bouncing & pronking. Just goes to show how long it takes a comparatively large dog to get his muscles & skeleton coordinated. 

Fantastisk flotte bilder av Jon Snow og David, tatt av Frank Meisner, Tromsø.

Snykovet´s Jon Snow September 2015. Photo: Monica A Sundset

Snykovet´s Jon Snow September 2015. Photo: Gabi Wagner

Snykovet´s Jon Snow April 2 2014 with Ingrid-Helene. Photo: Monica A Sundset.

JS April 2014. Photo: Monica A Sundset.

JS March 6 2014. Photo: Rune Sundset.

JS in heaven! Photo: Gabi Wagner.

Sun bath in the red chair. Photo: Gabi Wagner.

JS May 26 2014. Photo: Gabi Wagner.