AD Carillo Saija

Saija - January 2018 © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

Name: Carillo Saija
Titles: AD
Date of birth: April 26 - 2015
Reg. number: NO41780/15
Sire: Carillo Sin Pusher NO50099/09
Dam: N UCH JWW-10 Carillo Sing A Long NO41695/09
Kennel / breeder: Carillo Kennel / Kari Granaas Hansen og Jan Kolpus
Owner: Monica A Sundset
Colours: Cobber-red and white, amber eyes
Size: 20 kg (July 2017)
Personality: Very easygoing, social, happy dog that loves working in harness but also has fun at shows
Heat: Sept 2016, Feb 25 2017 (starting Herringen Trail), Nov 3 2017 (mated Nov 12 2017 with N UCH Tobake Axl Rose aka "Stark" owned by Rita Winther Kramvig, puppies born Jan 14 2018), Sept 4 2018.

Eyes: Gonoscopy and eyes checked clear March 9 2017.
HD: Saija has A-hips (free) (July 28 2016)

Similarly, Saija's parents Carillo Sin Pusher and N UCH JWW-10 Carillo Sing A Long, plus thee of her grandparents INT N UCH FINV-00 Carillo Silver Sky, N UCH Carillo Smart Cookie and N UCH NV-02 Carillo Sunglint, have all been x-rayed with A-hips. Saija's grandmother on her fathers side, Alaskan's Chanel Of Anadyr, the only grandparent that was not hip x-rayed, lived a long and good life to the age of 14. She was a great lead dog.

Work tests and races
Show results

Show results 2015 (puppy)
  • Tromsø Dog Club autumnshow Aug 29 2015: Judge Hans Van Den Berg - Best of Breed: "Excellent puppy, very nice headshape, skull and muzzle the same length, good stop, good ear ..., very nice front and rear, at the moment short in back, well angulated front and rear, good tailset, very nice, good movement." Saija was also shortlisted in the BIS ring by judge Harto Stockmari (Puppy 4-6 mnd).
  • Blåbyutstillinga Sept 19 2015 at Sortland: Exc, BOB, BIG2 puppy
  • Blåbyutstillinga Sept 20 2015 at Sortland: Exc, BOB,  BIG2 puppy
Show results 2016 (junior)
Show results 2017
Show results 2018
Junior Dog Handling - NM
Saija made it all the way to the finale in the national juniorhandler championship as one of top ten teams with Line at Dogs4All at Lillestrøm November 2016. Saija and Line spent weekends and Wednesdays all through autumn preparing for this and looked amazing together in the ring. Thank you so much Line! This video shows Line and Saija in the finale (4:40:15).

Saija spring 2017. Photo by Ida-Helene Sivertsen.

Saija and Ida-Helene at IDS Kuopio in Finland Aug 2017

Our beautiful Saija captured by © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

Terje Aune with Saija, Stark, Sansa and Arya at Herringen Trail 2017. The first race for all of them. Photo: Rolf Gunnar Aanes.

Saija in summer coat August 2017. At the int dog show in Kuopio, Finland. Handled by Ida-Helene Sivertsen.

Saija in full fur June 2018. At the int dog show in Tromsø, Norway. Handled by Ida-Helene Sivertsen.

Our little team of Siberians - Saija in the back with Bolt. © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

Saija in the middle. Photo © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

And Saija in the middle. As a puppy. 

Saija and I at Kvalsund Dog Show spring 2017. Photo by Julia Sofie Sørum Bjørklund.

Beautiful little Saija from Carillo Kennel is a happy, social and very pleasant dog. She likes talking and loves to cuddle. Saija is not my fastest dog - but she loves working in harness and is also a very good "back pack dog" (kløvhund). She is beautifully buildt and has done very well in the show ring.

Saija is 4th generation Carillo breeding, and her pedigree contains great Siberians from both show lines and good working lines. Saija's mother is a lovely little red bitch named N UCH JWW-10 Carillo Sing A Long NO41695/09 aka Sandra. Her father Carillo Sin Pusher NO50099/09 is a well built, strong and hard working sled dog. He has completed two races: Dørstokkmila and Lillehammerløpet (2015). Saija's grandmother, Alaskan's Chanel Of Anadyr, comes from Kennel Anadyr Alaska, the oldest Siberian husky kennel that still exists. Chanel always gave 100% and worked as a lead dog until she became old of age. She was also a beautifully built female. She died 14 years old, July 2, 2014.