Northspring´s Green Lake aka Bolt

Bolt and I February 2018. Photo: Ida-Helene Sundset

Bolt With Ida-Helene Sivertsen September 2017. Co-owned by Anita H. Engebakken-Fjell and bred by Agnes Karl. He lives with us in Tromsø.

Name: Northspring´s Green Lake aka Bolt
Registration number: JR77614SH
Date of birth: December 2 - 2015
Breeder: Northspring Siberians in Serbia / Agnes Karl
Owners: Monica A Sundset and Anita H Engebakken-Fjell

Sire: Indian Legend of Siberian Lady aka Ed, BIS, INT RO HU HR CH and has passed the working exam
Dam: Creek Spring of Siberian Lady WD aka Sookie, INT RO HU SR CH and has also passed the working exam
Colours: Grey / White, Brown Eyes
Size: 57.5 cm and 25.6 kg (1 year old)

HD: A (free) June 21 2017
AD: 0 (free) June 21 2017

Eyes check and gonioscopy Oct 6 2017 Bolt got one remark on his regular eye check: presisting puppillary membrane (PPM iris). Bolt's diganoses does not exclude him from breeding in any way, we just have to make sure the partner doesn't have the same problem.

Perfekte resultat på gonioskopi med normale vinkler og ligamenter 360 grader på begge øyne. Alt bra også på øyelysningen bortsett fra persisterende pupillemembran PPM iris-iris på høyre øye. Dette er imidlertid ikke til hinder for avl så lenge tispa ikke har samme anmerkning.

Work tests

Show results


Our team of six Easter 2017. Bolt is our only male and pulling his share in the back of the team with Saija. Photo: © Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography

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Pedigree including health results

Bolt´s parents Ed and Sookie are well built, moderate dogs with good movements as documented by their many championships. Importantly, they have both worked in harness and have both run several dryland races (both of them have passed the working exame). These are dogs that have shown that they are not only beautiful, but that they also work well and that they are healthy.

Bolt comes from show lines primarily, but also includes some Anadyr / Yeso Pac 6-7 generations back. He is not from the most commonly used show lines, but has many dogs from Tullemore, Bobkat and Topaz in his pedigree. Topaz race their dogs. Also Highlander's found i Bolt´s pedigree, compete in races with their dogs. Even further back in Bolt´s pedigree we find largely dogs from Karnovanda lines, and a good deal of Innisfree. Innisfree used to race their dogs in their earlier days.

We find Bolt´s pedigree interesting also due to the fact that he comes from lines less used.