AD Barkas Perrera Drop Dead Super (Lykke)

Lykke April 2019

Name: AD Barkas Perrera Drop Dead Super aka Lykke
Owners: Monica A Sundset and Ingrid-Helene Sundset
Breeder: Rune Dalby and Bente Andersen
Registration number: NO44579/16
Date of birth: June 4 2016
Sire: NUCH NJV-14 NORDJV-14 Siberian Paradise Inbard Forester (Force)
Dam: Ex.pleasure The Future Is Ours (Luna)
Colours: Grey / White, Bi-eyed
Size: 17 kg April 2019
In harness: Focused and hard working. Has moved up to lead position this winter and completed two races in lead.
Health: Eyes clear, Gonioscopy clear June 2017, Hips and elbows scanned Aug 2017 - HD A (Free) and AD 0 (Free).
Heat: Oct 30 2017, March 2018, Aug 25 2018, Jan 12 2019

Work tests

Kiruna Open (20 km, sledding, team of four, average time 13.6 km/hr) March 2019
Troms Quest RNB1 (20 km, sledding, team of four, average time 9.2 km/hr) February 2019
AD endurance test in 2018 earning her the title AD June 2018
VOM dogrun Tromsø (canicross, 7 km) June 2018
The working pack dog test BRONZE (10 km, load equal to 15% of body mass) March 2018
VOM dogrun Tromsø (canicross, 7 km) June 2017 

NKK Kristiansand March 2017 - Judge Eivind Mjærum (Norway): "God type. Noe lavstilt. Bra hode og uttr. god kropp. god benstamme. trenger en del ringtrening for å vise seg å trenger å vokse seg høyere på bena. Dyktig handler. God pels." Good
IDS Kuopio, Finland August 5 2017 - Judge Saija Juutilainen (Finland): "1 years old junior with good bone structure and body. Gives a bit to heavy and low impression for a sled dog. Beatiful feminine head and expression. Good bite and ears. Good neck. Topline could be more muscular. Good tailset. The coat is too long and soft. Paralell movement but seems a bit clumpsy in general. Needs more step length, power and selfconfidence." Sufficient

Lykke and Ida-Helene at IDS Kuopio Finland August 2017

Pedigree Lykke
Lykke´s pedigree further back is based on US and Canadian bloodlines from Bain's Northern, Innisfree, Snowmist, Karnovanda og Kristari. Several of these kennels have a long history since the 1970´s. Even further back we find mainly Innisfree and Karnovanda.