Kennel Snykovet's Årskavalkade 2016

Happy New Year!

We have exciting times ahead!

We will be going to more shows next year, and hopefully some of them abroad aiming for the INT CH title. I really look forward to compete with our three youngest dogs: Bolt, Saija and Lykke.
As members of Tromsø Dogclub we will help organise and participate with all our dogs in VOM Dogrun in Tromsø in June.

Work tests
Next year we will complete the AD test (a test which consists of trotting / running 2 miles next to the bike) with those of our young dogs that are passed 18 months. This is not a "sled dog test," but an " endurance test" that gives the title AD to dogs that passes it. We do this as a social enjoyable activity / exersise with our dogs. We also plan to do "kløvtesten" with some of our dogs (backpacking for dogs) as new members of the Norwegian Polardogclub.

Health tests
We will do health tests of our youngest as they become old enough. Saija had her hips scanned last year with excellent results (A-hips, free).  Bolt and Lykke will be HD checked and we will also do eye-screening on Chena, Saija, Lykke and Bolt.
We may even have some surpises in store for you! I will keep you posted.

But most important, we look forward to lots of hiking and mushing on adventures with our furry best friends.

2016 in review

2016 has been a year with ups and downs. Our dear Chena dislocated her hip as she hit the ground after taking a big leap out from the third floor visiting good friends - probably aiming for a mouse in the grass below.

Her wellbeing and recovery from two hip surgeries was our main focus for months this spring, summer and fall. And thanks to patience and never giving up, good friends, great vets at Anicura Dyresykehuset Tromsø and our magician, Anneli, at Optimal Hund, Chena is now back in the team in front of the sled - long before we ever dared dream it would be possible.

This was by far our biggest achievement in 2016.

Chena has two sisters that will be doing their second FL-1000 this season. Our sponsor dog is one of them: Tanana. We look forward to follow her and the rest of the teams during this winters racing season. Vesterelva and Viddas Husky are looking for more sponsors! Read about their racing plans and their Siberian huskies here!

Our sweet darling Saija made it all the way to the finale in the national juniorhandler championship with Line at Dogs4All at Lillestrøm in November. Saija and Line spent weekends and Wednesdays all through autumn preparing for this and looked amazing together in the ring. Thank you so much Line!

Our lovely puppy Lykke joined us this summer from kennel Barkas Perrera in Son. She and I had so much fun at the puppy course this fall, and she is the first of our puppies that are spending the days in dogkindergarden while we are at work. Lots of people started getting worried when I was buying "show huskies" - and I recieved all sort of comments - many of them not quite sharing my joy over our new family member. Hopefully enthusiasm has increased somewhat now that Lykke´s mom has proven herself in harness winning the gold medal in a dryland race this autumn. I look forward to follow her and the rest of team Barkas Perrera during this winters races on snow. Thanks to Bente and Rune for doing such a great job, for trusting us with Barkas Perrera Drop Dead Super aka Lykke - and for letting me have the top of my wish list puppy from your breeding when I decided not to have puppies of my own.

A special gift and a big happening in our kennel this year was the import of Bolt from Kennel Northspring Siberians in Serbia together with Anita H. Engebakken-Fjell. Bolt stole my hearth the second we met. He is a dream come true. Bolt´s parents both have working titles and participate in races. In fact Bolt´s father BIS, INT RO HU HR CH Indian Legend of Siberian Lady aka Ed  recently won the european gold medal during the FISTC CART EC 2016 in OTTENSCHLAG. Thanks to Anita for choosing me as your co-owner, and thanks to breeder Agnes for trusting the two of us with beautiful Bolt.

I have also taken several courses this year. In November I did the Norwegian Kennel Club course in cynologi which is an obligatory part of the show judge training in Norway. I have also participated in three handlercourses with Mats Lyngmark (with Vida and Jon Snow in Tromsø), Ida-Helene Sivertsen (with Chena in Harstad), and Elisabeth Orvik Nilssen (with Saija in Tromsø) in addition to many Wednesdays on the drop-in handler training in town.

We have participated in 7 shows, first time in Kristiansand and in Lillestrøm (Dogs4All):

Blog statistics

It has been great fun looking up the blog statistics lately. I did not realize that so many were reading my little dogblog Last updates by the end of December show an amazing > 13,000 visits per month. 

Top five blog entries for 2016:

Instagram statistics

We also just passed 1000 followers on Instagram this last month! 

Thank you all for following us!

New sled for our doughter

Weather has been dreadfull this last week - all rain and ice outside. But earlier we had a short periode of happiness with snow to mush on. The little musher in our family, Ingrid-Helene (9), finally got to try out her new sled and loved it. Thanks to Odd Kanstad in Malangen outside Tromsø for making it! Link to Odd´s webpage hundesleden here. Enjoy the video of our happy little musher below.

New sled on its way

Our old big sled is getting tired and I have just ordered a new to be arriving in January. Before the old one breaks in two and completely falls apart. This video was taken by our little team of six on the first day of snow December 5. Happy trails and wagging tails in the first snow of the season! As you can see Chena is back in the team after her hip injury this spring. We are so greatful for that! And little Lykke loves the action in the team.

We just sold our cabin at the sea - but we are keeping our cabin at Ringvassøya

We have been busy taking down the dog yard, moving the doghouse and all the interior from the cabin at the sea, cleaning it and preparing if for the new owners Dec 12.

Since we are not using the cabin at Ringvassøya every holiday / weekend we decided to rent it out through Airbnb. Dogs are of course also welcome. Our first Airbnb guests arrived Dec 21, and we are fully booked until January 5. The cabin is situated in a wonderful area for mushing and skiing only about one hours drive from Tromsø airport. Although winterwonderland just rained away. But if all goes well we will have colder weather coming this Christmas. More info on the cabin can be found here.