New Addition: Lead Dog Shasa

Shasa at our cabin Easter 2013

I came home with our new dog Shasa from Trondheim last night. Shasa is an experienced lead dog from Marius and Renathe Moholdt (Kennel Ulveblikk). She came to Kennel Ulveblikk when she was aprox 3 years old from the breeder Øystein Kristiansen and Hanne Sund (Ulveheia kennel). Øystein og Hanne had kept both Shasa and Tarzan from the litter after Pipp and Børre, Stig and Elin Torp (Kennel Bergimellom) kept three of the pups (Pia, Shana and Doffen), two pups were sold to Denmark, and one to a family in Løken.

Shasa will help us train and run our young team of Siberians. She has an impressing CV from Kennel Ulveblikk, having completed Gausdal Maraton three times (2010-2012), Amundsen Race (2010), Femundløpet 4 times (F400 in 2010, and F600 in 2011, 2012, 2013, all times in lead) and Finnmarksløpet twice (FL500 and FL1000, both times in lead) with Marius Moholdt.

Shasa will spend the rest of her life with us as a family dog and a lead dog. She is the mother of three of the young beatiful females in Team Snykovet: Smilla, Frost and Isa.

She has allready settled in very nicely in her new home and has stolen all of our hearths. Our male Siberian Birk, has kept and slept close to her since she arrived - there seems to be love at first sight!

You will find lots of photos of Shasa and read more about her on Kennel Ulveblikk´s web page here

Shasa at our cabin Easter 2013

Ladies in front: The dreamteam Noor and Shasa