Fjell-kullet: Avreise / Departure

Photo updates: The Noor x Alak puppies will be 9 weeks old May 14 this week.

Snykovet's Hamperokken aka Rampen is the only puppy left now after the departure of his siblings (Lille Blåmann, Boja, Fløya and Tinde) to their new homes this weekend. Rampen does not seem to mind. He has his big sister Arwen to play with and his mom to keep him company, and he is being completely spoiled by the people in the household. He is a confident and cool young lad. Noor is back in the team again training - and is really excited about this - putting all her energy and focus into running high speed in lead with her daughter Arwen.

This wonderful photo of Snykovet's Fløya and her new best friend Nova is taken by Stig-Roland Knutsen. Fløya moved to Skjomen this weekend were she now lives with Siberian husky Nova and Samojed Birko and their owners. We look forward to visit them end of May.

Last photo of Snykovet's Lille Blåmann aka Ailo prior to departure this weekend.

And this is Snykovet's Boja aka Kompis who now lives in Balsfjord with his new family and will have company of another Siberian husky puppy later on this spring.

Snykovet's Tinde and Rampen on their last play-date at the seaside at Håkøya before Tinde departures Tromsø with her new owner!