National Dog Shows in Tromsø September 3 - 2016

Carillo Saija (16 months) and Northspring´s Green Lake aka Bolt (9 months) participated in the NDS in Tromsø Sept 3 (Tromsø Hundeklubb´s Dogshow). Both entered junior class (JK) (9-18 months). The judge was Jo Schepers, who was really nice to and appreciated our young dogs. An absolutely amazing sunny autumn day in Tromsø after the first night with frost and fantastic northern light during the night. 

Congratulations Rita Kramvig with lovely Sansa who won BOB!

A big thanks to my superhelpers Rune and Ingrid-Helene.

Going to a dogshow can be so much fun. If you are well prepared! And the preparation can be great fun to! Just look at the photos below. 

Wednesday's are my favorite days - because that's when we all get together for the drop-in show practice. This week a total of eight Siberian huskies attended the training in the tunnel (it was raining so bad outside). This is Oda with Lærke and Taiga. Looking confident and happy! Very good!

Going to a dogshow involves a lot of shampo and luxary treatment in the bathtub followed by blowdrying. It is a good thing that Bolt just loves both! Here he is in the bathtub Friday night! 

National Dog Show Tromsø Saturday Sept 3 in lovely weather (Sunday was not equally lovely - with heavy rain). Bolt and Saija ringside. This was Bolt´s first show as a junior and he was very stressed when we arrived. There were so many lovely girls in heat - he did not know quite what to do with himself. I was glad I had some time and some space to ourselves to get him focused before going into the ring. Good practic this was - day two went so much better! Photo: Gry Berntzen.

This year I even made little irresistable treats for the dogs on the morning of the first show day. One of the perks of attending shows in your own home town. They were a great success!

Carillo Saija exc, 2nd best bitch, CK, Cert / CAC - "16 months, good looking bitch, little bit heavy in scull, very good ears, good underjaw, strong teeth, good places ears, strong straight topline, deep chest, good muscled and angulated behind, very nice coat, good legs and feet, nice movement, good temperament."

A huge congratualtions to Oda - who handled two dogs - in her first dogshow and did it so well. AD Bærta Blåkrøll Lærke got her third CK with r-Cert today: "Nice bitch, good type, very nice head, good underjaw, good placed ears, strong teeth. Good body proportions, very strong straight topline. Good angulation front and behind, good muscled, good coat, but needs more of it. Also good muscled". Photo: Gry Berntzen.

Oda´s puppy, Taiga, below from Siberian Sleddogs also god nice feedback from todays judge: "Nice bitch, very feminine face, good placed ears and strong teeth. Good neck topline, could be more straight, good forechest and ribs. Straight legs, compact feet, mostly french, good muscled and angulated behind, needs much more coat, very juvenile in movement, needs time". Very promising, 2-nd place in the puppy competition. Photo: Gry Berntzen.

Northspring's Green Lake aka Bolt won BOS and his first Cert / CAC in his first show as a junior: "9 months, good looking young dog, very good proportions, very nice head, dark eyes, good expression, good standing ears, straight strong topline, good shoulders, good ribs, good muscled, very nice coat, very nice condition, easy movement, lovely temperent."