Removing a molar tooth

Looking after our dogs teeth is very important. Poor Noor had broken off part of a tooth. This is not an uncomman injury among huskies. It turned out that the whole molar (upper mouth, right side) had broken in two and had to be removed. And so it was during surgery Aug 30. 

I have the greatest respect for anestetics since we lost eight year old Shasa due to an atypical reaction to the anestetic drug during dental surgery some years ago. Fortunately these cases are rare. And broken molars need to come out - they can be really painful.

Everything went well with Noor´s surgery. She is doing great. Noor enjoyes all the attention, and of course the very nice comforting drugs that she got after the removal of the molar - in addition to antibiotics. One molar less and with lots of stitches in her mouth - that will dissapear by themselves in due time. A couple that were to tight was removed on the check-up two weeks later Sept 13. 

Thanks to our vet Vigdis Børset Rædergård at AniCura dyresykehuset in Tromsø for taking such good care of her.

Luckily all our dogs are insured in Agria Dyreforsikring who covered about 3000 NOK of the costs related to Noor's broken tooth. Left to pay by us was about ~5300 NOK.

Close up showing stitches where Noor´s molar used to be. All looking good.