Best Easter ever

Chena av Viddashusky and AD Snykovet's Vida in lead, Noor and Carillo Saija in the middle, Barkas Perrera Drop Dead Super aka Lykke and Northspring's Green Lake aka Bolt in the back. And one happy musher (Ida-Helene) on the sled! What a wonderful day! Photo: Monica A Sundset (playing with Ida-Helene's camera is such fun - a real upgrade from my cellphone)

This has been the best Easter ever! A whole week at our cabin at Ringvassøya. We all love being back here again during our favorite time of the year. The sun has returned after a long winter night. The ptarmigans are preparing for the mating season. Eagles sailing in the sky above us. Birds singing. Icefishing. Snow melting. Bon fires. Sleeping at the deck in the sun. Good friends and family visiting. Prepearing lots of good food and nice dinners. Early mornings out mushing and late evening in front of the fireplace. Lots of fun and laughter no end. We are so Lucky!

This year is the first with such nice and long snowmobile tracks in the mountains behind the cabin. Pure luxery! Almost to good to be true. Earlier years we have had to do most of the plowing ourselves. The sun has kept us company all week. We have gotten out of bed - long before our kids and the Easter tourists - heading into the mountains every morning - sledding and skiing with our six Siberians. Totals 90 km by sled and 166 km skijouring.

We have a busy spring and summer ahead of us - work trips to Lund, Sweden and Denver, US - dog shows in Hammerfest, northern Norway and Gällivare, Sweden plus Tromsø of course. VOM dog run where I am part of the local organising in Tromsø Dogclub - and with all our dogs participating. I will not be going to the dog show in Bodø since Tromsø Dogclub is celebrating 50 years that weekend - and I am part of the organising committee. We are planning to cross Norway - do the Svarta Bjørn march (Rallarmarsjen) with friends this year, walking from the Swedish border down to the coast. We also hope to do the silver backpack test with Saija and Chena, and the AD bike test (20 km). So lots of fun in the making.

This coming autumn I am also planning a new litter of pups. Will keep you posted.

Below are some Easter photo highlights taken by Ida-Helene Sivertsen and myself.

Happy Trails!

Video from one of the trips with Ida-Helene. It is great fun sledding with all six. Vida is doing a good job in lead together with Chena. Our youngest dog, Lykke, is the most eager to get going - backline always straight. Young Bolt, our only male, is strong as an ox and contributes with great force. 

Ida-Helene with Vida/Chena, Noor/Saija, Lykke/Bolt.

Ida-Helene and the Snykovet-team

Musher-selfie at the top

Portrett av Ida-Helene og Saija

Ida-Helene has taken this beautiful portrait of Chena and the kids.

Ida-Helene and Lykke

Magic moments on the sled

Ida-Helene and our team in the sun

Love this photo of Ida-Helene and Ingrid-Helene with Bolt and Saija

Ida-Helene with Bolt and Saija

Me and my beloved

Full speed forward. Me and our dogs. Photo: Ida-Helene Sivertsen.

Happy dogs - happy musher

Rune loves skiing - I love sledding