Ovariohysterectomy on Noor

Surrounded by love! Gabi, Leo and Lilou with sweet Noor at the vet for a check up Saturday - we filled up the whole examining room totally outnumbering the vet! 

Noor was in for a check at the vet this weekend with her dear extended family. She went through surgery / ovariehysterectomy Thursday April 5 at AniCura Dyresykehuset Tromsø.

The wound looks very good and she is doing well. She has been struggling with false pregnancy / pseudopregnancy this last year with hormonal imbalance, milk production, nesting behaviour, mood swings etc. This is the first time we have experienced this in any of our Siberian huskies.

Noor has had two litters of pups, the last one 3 years ago, and she will turn 7 years old this summer. We did not want her to have to endure more pseudopregnancies, knowing that they increase the risk of both mammary and uterine infections. We decided that it would be better for Noor to be spayed, removing her ovaries and uterus, which was done this week. During surgery the vet discovered a cyst. This may possibly explain the hormonal imbalances that she was been going though?? But we don't know that for certain.

Sadly a surgery like this is not covered by the insurance unless it is accute. For instance due to a uterine infection / pyometra. Even though it is done to improve life quality / animal welfare and reduce the risk of disease in the dog.

We are superglad that the surgery is now over and done with, and that sweet Noor is recovering so well and will be rid of her troubles.