Lally BIG at Lofoten Dogshow Day1

Lally won the group with Ida-Helene under Judge Wera Hubenthal in Svolvær July 28

Happy news from Lofoten Dogshow 2018 Day One: Snykovet's Lallybroch won BOB and BIG with Ida-Helene Sivertsen under judges Saija Juutilainen (Finland) and Wera Hubenthal (Norway). Today was a very warm day with > 30 warm degrees in Svolvær. Still winning the group - only 6 months old - is a job really well done - both of you!

Superhappy and superproud. Thank you so much Ida-Helene for showing our little princess to perfection. You look amazing together!

Photo: Suzanne Johansen