Thanks to good friends - Aurora Trail 2017

Snykovet's Jon Snow has a hearth on his forehead. Today has been a hearthwarming day. So many happy wagging tails on the tracks of Aurora Trail in Målselv, Troms, Norway. And so many smiling faces and warm hugs. Aurora Trail 2017 was organised by us in Kjøregruppa / the dog mushing group in Tromsø Dogclub. It became a big success thanks to all the volunteers, all the mushers attending and all the generous sponsors donating prices and gifts for this brand new race. It has been a pure joy to work with Rita Kramvig, Terje Aune and Marit Sørensen on this project. A really professional and dedicaded team of people. I am forever greatful to Terje and Gabi Wagner for including Saija and Chena in their Nordic style teams both at Herringen Trail and at Aurora Trail. To Ida-Helene Sivertsen who got herself a new pair of skiis, trained and completed Aurora Trail with Noor. You brought so much laughter and joy in to our lives. We will miss you deeply when you set of on new adventures in Kirkenes next week and we look forward to your return. To David who competed with Vida and Birk in style. To Peder Sundseth Tangstad - who came all the way from Kristiansand - and took such good care of Lykke during the race. And of course to my husband Rune Sundset - the love of my life - for skijoring today in Aurora Trail with young Bolt and for keeping up with me and supporting me on all my crazy dog projects no end. There is no one like you. I feel so priviliged and greatful to be surrounded by such wonderful friends! Both those with two legs and those with four and fur! You are the best! #siberianhusky #auroratrail2017 #nordiskstil #hjerteipanna #hearth #huskylove #huskygram #huskylife #happytrails #friendship #dograce #tromsøhundeklubb #kjøregruppa #arcticpearl #snykovet

In summary five of our six Siberian huskies completed Aurora Trail today:
  • Carillo Saija - Nordic style - 20 km - Team of four with Stark, Sansa and Arya (Kennel Arctic Pearl) - with Terje Aune - Time: 2:38:15
  • Chena av Viddashusky - Nordic style - 20 km - Team of two with Snykovet's Jon Snow - with Gabi Wagner - Time: 2:28:24
  • AD Snykovet's Vida - Skijoring - 20 km - Team of two with her father AD Birk av Brattalid - with David Hazlerigg - Time: 1:33:31
  • Northspring's Green Lake aka Bolt - Skijoring - 20 km - Team of one - with Rune Sundset - Time: 1:40:57
  • Noor - Skijoring - 10 km - Team of one - with Ida-Helene Sivertsen 01:18:06
Lykke was to young to participate this year but was well entertained and taken care of by our nephew Peder Tangstad Sundseth during the race.
In addition to AD Snykovet's  Vida and Snykovet's Jon Snow from our breeding, the following Snykovet-dogs participated - Three offsprings from Noor and one from Vida:
  • Snykovet's Birka (Vida x Nasse) - Nome (Miljøklassen) - 20 km - Team of 6 - with musher Cathrine Kristoffersen - time: 1:18:28
  • Snykovet's Fløya (Noor x Alak) - Nome - 20 km - Team of four - with musher Bente Sandvoll - Time: 01:34:41
  • AD Snykovet's Arwen (Noor x Varg) - Skijoring - 10 km - Team of one - with Dag Starup Moen Time: 00:45:06
  • Snykovet's Boya aka Kompis (Noor x Alak) - Skijoring - 10 km - Team of two - with Ernst Vidar Hanssen - Time: 00:51:54
It was such a joy to see them all again together with their owners. Particulary beloved Arwen who jumped straight into my lap and made me all teary <3
More info and photos will follow.

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