Working pack dog test for Saija and Chena

Yesterday I completed the Norwegian Polar Dog Club´s working pack dog test with Saija and Chena. This is our second test as we completed the bronze test in February (10 km, 25% weight). In the silver test the dogs carry a weight equal to 25% of bodymass for 20 km. Hence, Chena and Saija carried 5 kg each this time. They did realy well pulling the full distance. Both passed the test and earned the working pack dog mark in silver. A lovely day in typical northern norwegian spring weather with snow drift - in great company and lovely surroundings in Signaldalen. The next level is the golden mark: 40 km with heavier weight (35% of body mass) and sleep over outside (tent). Rune has happily volunteered for this. I hope that we will be able to do this as a joint project later on this summer. More photos are found here.

A big thank you to Line Margrete Sørum / The Norwegian Polar Dog Club for organising the test.

Congratulations to Rita Winther Kramvik on completing the bronze test with her two siberian huskies Stark and Arya. To Irene Hammarlund who completed the silver test with her dog Birger (Japanese spitz). And to Line and her samojed Ayla on completing the silver test.