Breeding plans

AD Snykovet's Vida (born Nov 3 2011) will be mated with Northspring's Green Lake aka Bolt (born Dec 2 2015) when she goes into heat this autumn.

Our Serbian prince Bolt is the perfect match for Vida. Bolt is a truely stunning Siberian husky male who has done very well for him self in the show ring. He is also a very sweet tempered, strong boy who loves to work in harness. Bolt is co-owned by Anita H Engebakken-Fjell / Snøfrost Siberian Husky Kennel and bred by Agnes Karl / Northspring Siberians. He is after European Middle Distance Race Winner, INT CH, MultiCH Indian Legend of Siberian Lady aka Ed and INT CH and MultiCH Creek Spring of Siberian Lady WD aka Sookie. This will be the first time Bolt is used in breeding.

Vida is from the first Snykovet litter born in 2011 after AD Birk of Brattalid (Seppala, Anadyr, Vargevass and Brattalid lines) and Tessa of Kitwanga (Carillo lines). It is a true pleasure to watch Vida work in harness. She runs / pulls very efficiently with beautiful movements. She is also an intelligent leaddog, with a lovely personality, great fur and good paws. This planned litter will be Vida´s second litter of pups. She was mated once before in 2013 with Ulveheia's Nasse at Kennel Ulveblikk giving 4 offsprings: Snykovet´s Bajas, Barly, Birka and Bella - all of them good sleddogs.

Health tests

2017 Oct 6:  Regular eye check and gonioscopy. Bolt got one remark on his regular eye check: presisting puppillary membrane (PPM iris). Bolt's diganoses does not exclude him from breeding as long as the partner does not have PPM iris. No remarks on the gonioscopy.

2014 March 25: First regular eye exam (ECVO) - all clear
2015 June 5: Gonioscopy and eye check - all clear
2018 April 19: Third eye examination including gonioscopy - L. Pectinatum abn, Fibrae Latea and Laminae with flowholes ca 70% on the right eye and 50% on the left eye. These changes does not affect Vida's vision and she can still be used in breeding as long as the male has perfect results on gonioscopy.

HD: A Jan 11 2012
AD: 0 Jan 11 2012

I was originally planning to mate Vida 2-3 years ago but put her "on hold" when we discovered that her uncle had developed cataract. I wanted to wait to make sure that she stayed healthy and that no other close relatives (including her siblings and 4 offsprings) developed cataract. After the new eye examination and consulting our eye expert / veterinarian the conclusion is that Vida - who is our best work and lead dog - can be used in breeding in combination with a male that has no remarks on the gonioscopy examination. Furthermore we should not wait to long as she is growing older. She will consequently be mated with Bolt during her next heat.

Pedigree with health tests included
Inbreeding based on 6 generations: 0%