Bolt Best of Breed (BOB) and Lally BOB + Best in Group (BIG) puppy at the dogshow in Tromsø this weekend

Snykovet's Lallybroch won BEST OF BREED and later on BEST IN GROUP (puppy 4-6 months) with Ida-Helene at the national dogshow in Tromsø this weekend. Her beautiful brother Snykovet's Jamie (Ruska) won BEST OPPOSITE SEX with owner Auli. Snykovet's Abandawe (Luna) also got a really nice critique from the judge. The Snykovet-puppies after AD Carillo Saija and NUCH Tobake Axl Rose (Stark) are all very promising and we really look forward to follow them on their future adventures. Photo: Monica A Sundset.

The difference in winning and loosing is most often not quitting
Walt Disney

We have had lots of fun these last days! Canicross with VOM dogrun on Thursday - a mountain hike in full storm Saturday morning - and then the dogshow in Tromsø Saturday at midnight and early Sunday morning. I am so proud of our dogs! They look stunning and they all did so well. And I am so proud of my puppy buyers - for doing such a wonderful job with the babies on their first showing.

Stormy weather
I never sleep well through the night before a show! But this time it was the wind that kept me awake - not just excitement. The storm was so heavy Saturday morning at Mandelasletta in Tromsdalen where the show was going to take place, that Tromsø Dog Club had to delay the show until 17 o'clock in the afternoon.

Two thousand dogs had been entered for this yearly show weekend in Tromsø from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. The storm had blown away and destroyed at least half the tents and also the labelling of the rings. Lots of efforts and improvisation, however, still made the show possible later in the afternoon. Big cars were used as "judge tents" and the rings were labelled using colour spray on the ground. Sunday the weather had improved and we even got some sun at the end of the day.

We took sweet malanois Freke and our Siberian huskies Chena and Vida on a wonderful mountain hike in the storm (25 m/sec) Saturday morning. No need to blow the dogs in weather like this! #Blåsebortdagen

Tatt av vinden! Blown by the wind. Vida and Chena on our hike Saturday morning.

Snykovet's Abandawe aka Luna

I love this little beauty. Luna was shown by her owner Geir with the whole family in support. Luna and Geir also came to watch the big dogs in Sunday International Show - when little puppies where not allowed in the competition. Geir handled his first dog - a toller - to BIS. But this is his first time with Luna. They met well prepared and looked really good together in the ringm

Luna won HP (Hederspris / Honorary prize) under judge Christian Lang (Norway) with the following nize critique:

"Meget lovende valp, velskapt hode med vakre mørke øyne, god hals, stram overlinje, brystet trenger utvikles med tiden, utmerkede bevegelser, meget gode poter, en aning smal i front, tiltalende temperament."

Translated by me: "Very promising puppy, well-formed head with beautiful dark eyes, good neck, tight top line, chest needs to develop, excellent movements, very good paws, a little slim in front, appealing temperament."

Photo: Astrid Lorem

Snykovet's Jamie aka Ruska
The red prince was beautifully handled by his owner Auli and won HP (Hederspris / Honorary prize), best male, and Best Opposite Sex (BOS) Puppy with the following nize critique from judge Christian Lang:
"Meget lovende valp, velskåret hode, god hals, prima overlinje, godt bryst for alderen. God beinstamme, meget gode poter, utmerkede bevegelser. Prima pels. Godt temperament."
Translated by me:
"Very promising puppy, well cut head, good throat, prima top line, good chest for the age. Good boan structure, very good paws, excellent movements. Excellent coat. Good temperament."

Lally is such a joy - so full of energy and so fun to work with. She and Ida-Helene is such a good team! Photo: Astrid Lorem

Snykovet's Lallybroch aka Lally

HP (Hederspris / Honorary prize), best female, Best of Breed Puppy and Best in Group Puppy under judge Christian Lang:
"Meget lovende valp, velskapt hode og hals, stram overlinje. Tilstrekkelig bryst for alder og beinstamme og poter. Prima pels og hyggelig temperament."
Translated by me:
"Very promising puppy, well-shaped head and neck, tight top line. Adequate breast for her age and bone structure and paws. Perfect coat and nice temperament."

Northspring's Green Lake aka Bolt
Our beautiful Serbian Prince won BOB at the national dogshow in Tromsø Saturday night with Ida-Helene under Judge Christen Lang. In wind, rain and at freezing temperatures. Perfect weather for our dogs. Ten Siberian huskies plus our three puppies in the competition. BOS was won by Rita Winther Kramvig's lovely girl Sansa handled by Ingrid.

Bolt got the following evalution from Christen Lang: Excellent.AK 1.BHK CQ, BOS (Bolt is fully certified on national dogshows and can not accept more Certificates)
"Utmerket type. Prima hode og uttrykk. God hals. Stram overlinje. Godt bryst. Utmerket beinstamme med gode poter. Effektive bevegelser. Prima pels. Trivelig temperament."
My translation:
"Excellent type. Perfect head and expression. Good neck. Strong top line. Good chest. Excellent bone structure with good paws. Efficient movements. Perfect coat. Nice temperament."

AD Carillo Saija
Our Saija was handled by me at the national dogshow in Tromsø Saturday and by Ida-Helene on Sunday (photo above).

Saija got the following evalution from Christen Lang: Excellent
"Utmerket type. Velskåret hode. God hals. Stram overlinje. Godt bryst. God beinstamme. Meget gode poter. Prima pels. Gode bevegelser. Godt temperament."
My translation:
"Excellent type. Well-cut head. Good neck. Strong top line. Good chest. Good bone structure. Very good paws. Excellent coat. Good movements. Good temperament."

Best of Breed Sunday under judge Marja Talvitie (Finland) was Sansa (to the left with Ingrid) owned by Rita Winther Kramvig. Our Saija was shown by Ida-Helene Sunday. Saija is back in full fur after having her puppies this winter and looked just stunning at the show this weekend. Inside all that lovely fur there is a slim atlethic work dog. I know cause I have seen her totally naked - just a month ago. And I know because I see her work in harness. 

Poetry in motion  
You win some and you loose some

This photo shows Bolt and Ida-Helene in perfect harmony in the ring at the international show in Tromsø Sunday.

Thank you dear Ida-Helene for showing Bolt to perfection and bringing out the best in him every time. It may look simple but that is because you do it so well. He loves working with you and it shows!

Showing dogs includes ups and downs. Some judges love your dog - others don't. Some times you win the whole show and some times you come home with a blue ribbon. Saija and Bolt both got blue ribbons Sunday. On our last show in Kvalsund Saija won BIS-4 and Bolt BIG-2. But the dogs are still the same and we love them no matter what!

Done with the show weekend! Freke & his dream girl Saija are happy to stretch their legs and take a dip in fresh cold water. Total weather make over since Saturday with a touch of summer and dinner outside.